How to Start a Club: Frequently Asked Questions
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So, you're thinking of starting a vaulting club! The good news is that we at the AVA have experienced coaches and club managers who are available to help you do just that.

Here are the questions most frequently asked by those contemplating starting their own vaulting club.

Why form a club?

There are two major reasons that you'd want to formally start a vaulting club:

  1. By starting a club, you'll have the format through which to share work and responsibilities.
  2. By sharing work and responsibilities in a more formalized way, your program is more sustainable, and will continue long after any one person leaves.
How do I know it's time to start my own club?

It's never too early to start your own club. Did you know that most vaulting clubs were started at a private facility of some sort, with the help of just one or two enthusiastic parents?

What do I need to start a club?

Anyone starting a vaulting club must have the following:
  1. Will to "Just Do It." (This is the most important thing!)
  2. Horse, along with the associated equipment—bridle, side reins, longe line and a surcingle
  3. Facility of some sort
  4. Some prospective vaulters
  5. AVA mentor
In reality, you could even start a club simply with a vaulting barrel, a backyard and a single vaulter, and go about the business of raising funds to buy a horse and equipment once you've started the club. Our motto at the AVA is this: build it (and promote it), and they will come.

What if I want to form my club under the auspices of 4-H, Pony Club or camps?

If you plan to form a 4-H, Pony Club or camp vaulting club, your organizational format is pre-determined by the rules of your parent organization. You should be able to get all the materials and information you need by contacting the national or main offices of those organizations.

How do I start a regular AVA Club?

We can help! The resources of the American Vaulting Association are at your service:
  • Through its Vaulting Store, AVA offers a variety of books, videos/DVDs and other materials to help you get started. (AVA members receive sizable discounts.)
  • Networking with other vaulting clubs and coaches is important, and our clubs will frequently take the time to talk with a vaulting newcomer. Look up vaulting clubs, regional officers, and club contacts in your region.
  • Learn more about the benefits of registering your club as a member of the AVA.
How can I register for non-profit status?

If you're an AVA registered club, it's easy to get non-profit status for your vaulting club under our AVA Group Exemption Program. For details, click here.

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