Beginning a Vaulting Program
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Vaulting: the Gateway to All Equestrian Sport!
(And a Great Addition to Your Riding Program)

Equestrian Training
Vaulting is a unique equestrian activity that combines dance and gymnastics in harmony with a walking, trotting or cantering horse.   And if you already have a riding center, it’s easy to add vaulting to your equestrian program lineup! 

A beneficial cross-training tool to develop coordination, balance, strength and creativity, vaulting aids in all areas of riding instruction, including therapeutic riding.  Vaulting is also an exciting camp activity.  It’s a fun, safe and interactive introduction to horses for new and current students.

Riding Instruction Aid
Introducing vaulting techniques is an ideal way to help new riders understand posture, leg contact and balance from the beginning.  For more experienced riders, vaulting techniques help them gain insight into timing of strides and rhythm as well. 

Vaulting exercises are the perfect way for riders to learn how to safely dismount “unexpectedly” and overcome a fear of falling.  A safe way to learn since the horse is controlled by a longeur, vaulting focuses on the key elements in developing confident and competent riders.  Vaulting is the gateway to all equestrian sport!

Summer Camp Fun!
By including vaulting in your next summer camp program, you will add variety and fun to your curriculum while increasing your campers’ riding confidence and abilities.  And adding vaulting to your camp allows you to use fewer resources while achieving even better results.  Instead of 12 campers on 12 horses, you can have 12 campers working on a vaulting barrel and on a single vaulting horse—a much needed break while campers are still learning. 

Therapeutic Opportunities
Expanding your therapeutic program to include vaulting elevates students to new heights, helping them stretch themselves physically and mentally in a fun and rewarding environment.  Vaulting gives purpose and meaning to exercises and allows for easy integration into recreational and competitive programs.

Learn to be a Vaulting Instructor

The American Vaulting Association offers “train-the-trainer” programs throughout the United States.  If you’re interested in adding vaulting to your current riding programs, contact National Office Manager Craig Coburn ( or 323-654-0800) for more information.  In these programs you will learn….

  • About the basic equipment used, including where to purchase it
  • Safety and spotting techniques for vaulting
  • Warm-up and team-building games for your students
  • Techniques taught on a stationary vaulting barrel before placing students on the horse
  • Step-by-step, how to teach the basic vaulting moves
  • Basic vaulting curriculum

Vaulting at Your Own Equestrian School/Summer Camp!
You can bring vaulting instruction directly to your facility this summer through the American Vaulting Association.  Depending on your location an AVA vaulting club may be available to bring clinicians, trained vaulting horses and all vaulting equipment directly to your barn or stable for a day of fun and learning!

Want a vaulting instructor for your 2010 Summer Camp?  We may be able to find you one!  Contact AVA National Office Manager Craig Coburn ( or 323-654-0800) for more information.