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The non-profit American Vaulting Association was founded in 1968 by Elizabeth Searle and J. Ashton Moore to build and promote equestrian vaulting in the United States.

Today, there are more than 141 AVA vaulting clubs and affiliates in states from Hawaii to Massachusetts and Alaska to Florida. The AVA has more than 1,200 members in the United States and Canada.

Vaulting can be traced back two thousand years with numerous references to vaulting or similar activities during the Renaissance and Middle Ages. Vaulting's most prominent recognition as an equestrian sport was the inclusion as Artistic Riding in the 1920 Olympic Games. To learn more about the history of vaulting, see A Brief History of Vaulting.

The American Vaulting Association:

Operates the AVA National Office, your source for educational vaulting materials and information on vaulting. Click here for a full list of board and committee members.

Develops and makes available videos, DVDs, books, and other educational materials, for use by vaulters, coaches and the general public.

Publishes Vaulting World, a bimonthly magazine containing vaulting news and articles.

Establishes a uniform Rule Book for vaulting in the United States, consistent with rules used for international competition.

Trains vaulting judges, and operates a training program for new judges.

Provides procedures and standards for testing vaulters for medals at five different skill levels.

Conducts the AVA National Championship competition each year.

Establishes and maintains contacts in the international vaulting community, and facilitates AVA member participation in international exchanges and competitions.

Is an Affiliated Association member of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

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