Horse Committee, Patti Skipton
Patti Skipton- I got my first horse when I was ten years old.  During my Freshman year of High School I did every girl’s dream and bought my own colt to raise and train! (Why do young girls think that they can accomplish this with no training or guidance?!)  Fortunately for him, I moved, horse in tow, to Rawhide Vocational Equestrian College after my High School graduation.  During my two years there, my studies included Western Eq, and Pleasure, Rodeo, Animal and Horse Science, Vet. Medicine, Bible, Christian Camping, Colt Starting, Reining and Cutting.  I was also introduced to vaulting and was immediately hooked.  With Liz Searle’s book in hand, I became the coach of Rawhide Ranch Vaulters!  Of course, my trusty horse was soon trained to be a vaulting horse!  Through the years, I have attended more clinics and worked with more excellent coaches, vaulters and horse people than I can count.  Without their help and guidance, I would have never had the courage to coach teams and compete!

Beginning with Rawhide Ranch, I started vaulting programs in numerous camps throughout California, and one in BC, Canada.  I am sold on vaulting as a wonderful camp activity.  I became involved with CHA, and am one of five Certified Instructors for vaulting through that organization.  I have given clinics for many of CHA’s Regional and National Conferences, teaching riding instructors and others about the benefits of vaulting and how to start and teach a program.

In 1985, my family moved to Watsonville, CA where we were employed by Monte Vista Christian School.  My husband was the Horsemanship Director and I started a competitive vaulting club.  During our time at Monte Vista, we hosted annual Recognized Competitions, a CVI, and summer horse and vaulting camps, including an International Vaulting Camp sponsored by the AVA.  It was at Monte Vista that I was able to lease Jody, a seasoned vaulting horse previously belonging to the Leprechaun Vaulters.  I also purchased my first Belgian, a mare named Miss Holly B’Golly.  Holly won the AVA Horse of the Year award in 1993 and 1994.  She carried the Monte Vista A-Team who earned the right to represent the US in the 1994 World Eq. Games, and also one of the Gold Ind. vaulters who competed there as well. As most of you know, Holly was the first of many Belgians that I have trained for vaulting!

In 2006, my husband and I moved to Warm Beach Christian Camp in Stanwood, WA.  They already had a Belgian waiting for me, and so began Warm Beach Vaulters!  I currently have five vaulting horses that carry my teams and individuals.  They are all Belgians or Belgian crosses!  I am also learning to drive a team and to Roman Ride!