Horse Committee, Kelley Holly
Kelley Holly- I started riding at the age of 3 and by 5 years old had my own horse. I rode both hunter jumpers and western. At the age of 9 my family began a Morgan Horse Breeding Farm and over the years I successfully competed in Saddle Seat, Western, Hunter Jumpers, and Basic Dressage. By age 13 I was also driving singles in the carriage classes. I also began 3 day eventing and attended a week long training camp offered by Michael Norell and at this time was introduced to vaulting and feel in love with the sport. Through high school I continued to ride and work our own horses, working in our breeding program and also that of a prominent Arabian facility. I held officer positions in the Junior Morgan Horse Chapter and continued working in a leadership capacity in the county wide 4-H light horse program completing and medaling in all of the horse education programs for both organizations.

After high school I attended UC Davis and for the next 4 years actively participated in the UC Davis equestrian center's program both as a rider and as an instructor. While at Davis I revitalized the UC Davis vaulting team and brought them to competitions held in the area at that time. While attending UC Davis during the week I also returned home often on weekends to begin my own vaulting team and train my own horses to become the foundation of the Tambourine Vaulters, and thus began the new chapter of horse involvement. At the passing of my father we began phasing out of the breeding program and started to emphasize the vaulting more and more. As for my own vaulting record I hold all medals up through and including my Gold medal. I have vaulted as an individual in pas de deux and on teams and have competed at the international level as well. I have coached and longed at all levels as well both nationally and internationally and have taken both teams and horses from day 1 beginners to internationally successful competitors. You might say I am a professional educator and learner as my profession is a high school teacher, I hold a masters in education and administration as well as a specialist degree in Pediatrics. I also hold certification as a CHA master instructor in both English and Western disciplines. In addition to these credentials I am also a USEF and AVA "r" judges and have completed up through the FEI level of training for becoming a steward and am awaiting my approval of that credential. My latest endeavors have been in learning to drive the draft horses in teams and now I am competent to drive a  team which is truly a blast. I hope that my wide range of experiences in the horse world will be an asset to the horse committee. I look forward to working with all of you.