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AVA National Championships Class Sponsors
Sponsor Information
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Note: Classes that are GRAY have already been sponsored.

Class Sponsor
  A Team
  The Divita Family
Men's Gold $250  
  Women's Gold
  The Benjamin and Guimarin Families
  B Team
  The Kiernan Family
$250     Men's Silver
  Kelley Holly and Tambourine Vaulters
$250     Women's Silver
  Region III
  C Team
  Garrod Farms
$250     Men's Bronze
  Circle of Friends
$250     Women's Bronze
  Julia Cox
  Trot Team
  Region II
$250     Men's Copper
  Garrod Farms
$100     Women's Copper
  The Salisbury family
  Men's Trot
  Connie Geisler
$100     Women's Trot
  Garrod Farms
$100     Open Pas de Deux
  Region X
  Men's Prelim Trot
  AVA Region V
$100     Women's Prelim Trot
  Jane Egger, Cedar Lodge
$100     Prelim Pas de Deux
  Garrod Farms
  Open 2 Phase Team
  Region IX
$200   Prelim 2 Phase Team $200     Trot Pas de Deux
  Amy McCune
  Trot 2-Phase Team
  Amy McCune
$150     Tiny Tots
  Falconwood Vaulters
Novice/Adult Class Sponsor
  Novice Trot
  John and Dena Madden
Novice Modified Walk $50  
  Introductory Adult at Walk
  Shari Smith-Mead
  Novice Walk
  Simonds Family
$50     Adult at Trot
  John and Dena Madden
$50     Adult 2* at Canter
  Shari Smith-Mead
Novice Adv Walk $50     Adult 1* at Canter
  EVX Colette Caggiano
Barrel Class Sponsor
  Open Barrel Freestyle
  Webb Ranch Vaulters
  Prelim Barrel Freestyle
  Webb Ranch Vaulters
  Trot Barrel Freestyle
  Sara Nicholson, Poway Valley Vaulters
Preliminary Trot Barrel Freestyle $50     Canter Barrel Doubles
  Julia Cox
$50     Special Doubles Freestyle
  Carol Beutler
  Trot Barrel Doubles
  Katherine Rynning
$50   Tiny Tots Barrel Freestyle $50  
Special Sponsors (these are multiple sponsor opportunities)
Hospitality $50  
Vet Check $50  
Ribbons $50  
Horse Awards $50   Judges $50   Medics $50  
Farrier $50   Fun Classes $50  
Booster (Business card size ad in event program) $100  
Nationals SuperFan (Listed in event program) $25