AVA National Championships Class Sponsors
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Note: Classes that are GRAY have already been sponsored.

Class Sponsor
A Team $350  
  Men's Gold
  Joy & Craig Coburn
  Woman's Gold
  B Team
  In memory of Sampson, Mile High Vaulters
$300   3* Men $350   3* Women $350  
  Trot Team
  Cooper-Garrod Vineyards
$300   Men's Silver $300   Woman's Silver $300  
Prelim Pas de Deux $300   Men's Bronze $300     Woman's Bronze
  Region X of the AVA
Trot Pas de Deux $300   Men's Copper $150     Woman's Copper
  Jane Egger
  Open 2 Phase Team
  Carol Beutler and Julie Paoli
$250     Men's Prelim Trot
  Garrod Farms
$100     Woman's Prelim Trot
  Garrod Farms
  Tiny Tots
  Falconwood Vaulters
$50   Men's Trot $150     Woman's Trot
  AVA Region II
  Prelim 2 Phase Team
$250     Trot Doubles
  Webb Ranch Vaulting
$50   Walk Team $100  
Family Doubles $50   Special Doubles $50   Trot 2 Phase Team $100  
Novice/Adult Class Sponsor
  Novice Trot
  Two Step Revolution Equestrian and Therapy Center
Novice Modified Walk $50  
  Introductory Adult at Walk
  John and Dena Madden
  Novice Walk
  Rogue River Vaulters
$50     Adult at Trot
  John and Dena Madden
$50     Adult 2* at Canter
  John and Dena Madden
Novice Adv Walk $50     Adult 1* at Canter
  John and Dena Madden
Barrel Class Sponsor
Open Barrel Freestyle $50  
  Prelim Barrel Freestyle
  Rogue River Vaulters
Trot Barrel Freestyle $50  
  Prelim Trot Barrel Freestyle
$50   Canter Barrel Doubles $50   Music Interpretation Barrel $50  
Novice Walk Barrel $50   Tiny Tots Barrel Freestyle $50  
Special Sponsors (these are multiple sponsor opportunities)
Hospitality $50  
Vet Check $50  
Ribbons $50  
Horse Awards $50   Judges $50   Medics $50  
Farrier $50   Fun Classes $50