High Point Awards Winners

The AVA created its annual National High Point Awards in 1991 to reward consistent competitors and to encourage the vaulting community to host more AVA recognized competitions.
  • All High point men and women qualifiers in the gold, silver, bronze, copper and trot divisions are listed on the member web site and the top 5 men and women in each class are given special recognition at the Annual Awards Banquet . The High Point Champions are also given special recognition awards.
  • Vaulters must have a minimum of three AVA recognized scores in a single division to qualify.
  • The program Is now based on scores achieved in the current calendar year. Prior to 2013, scores were based on a competition year from the end of Nationals through Nationals of the following year. The 2013 results were based on scores from after Nationals in 2012 to December 31, 2013.
  • If you have any questions about AVA's High Point Awards, contact Carol Beutler, who heads this awards program.

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